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The combination of housing of the device structure of the light steel tile press generally refers to the use of light H-shaped steel, cold-formed steel, round, small angle and pressure plate, sandwich panel composed of one to three layers of temporary buildings. This lightweight steel combination of housing is the most simple is also the most industrialized of light steel structure house.

Light steel structure combination of housing in accordance with the structure type is divided into different plate structure, the frame support structure, frame structure and a box of cell structure. Light steel structure combination of housing has the following characteristics: light weight, easy to assemble quickly; stereotypes design standards, flexible and diversified portfolio; component production factory production, high precision, good quality; housing disassembly, relocation; seismic performance; the case of environmentally friendly building, construction, construction waste; can sell, you can also lease to provide users with a variety of options and services.

Due to these advantages, light steel structure combination of housing has been widely used in the construction, highway and rail construction, petrochemical, water conservancy construction and military engineering, and earthquake relief and other temporary buildings. Other light steel structure combination of housing is still in the following areas have been widely used: temporary office space, temporary accommodation and temporary plant warehouse, such as: shops, kiosks, restaurants, telephone the Office of commercial buildings; travel vacation housing construction; traffic Kong Office , toll booths and other transportation facilities and sanitation construction.

The Hanchuan after the big earthquake of 2008, the Ministry of Housing and Urban according to the arrangements and requirements of the CPC Central Committee and State Council earthquake relief work, organization more than a dozen provinces and cities in transitional resettlement houses for the disaster area construction, choice of structure type of light steel structure combination of the Housing ( referred to as color-coated steel activities of the board). Just three months, 50 million sets of mobile homes where they stand, used as dormitories, health care, shops, schools, office, played a significant role in disaster relief, and also demonstrated the advantages of light steel combination of housing.

After 20 years, light steel structure combination of housing has been a rapid development, manufacturers have thousands of large-scale, there are dozens of professional manufacturers of good quality products, including light, elegant and Yung Tung Shing Building Steel structure assembly activities of the board, to Sanhe Yeonsan for the representative of the mobile box housing, transit RV Touring models housing, representatives of tourist villas on the glazed tile equipment, colored steel company Baosteel, the larger manufacturers elegant, Yung Tung, Cheng Dong, Hengxin. Elegant integration of the Housing Corporation is committed to the development and operation of the new integrated housing, large-scale production and distribution base in Shenzhen and across the country with annual production capacity of 5 million square meters, sales and service network covering dozens of major cities, has formed a national business structure. After the Wenchuan earthquake, the company's first donation of 20,000 square meters of homes to the disaster area, and then 1.71 million square meters in the transition of the construction of resettlement housing construction activity room, and made great contributions to the General Secretary Hu Jintao had visited the company Langfang facility , spoke highly of their relief work.

Yung Tung activities Housing Co., Ltd. is a joint venture to introduce a full set of advanced technology and equipment of the combination of housing in Japan, has offices and factory in Zhangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'an, is the current high level of technology, stronger homes company. Its housing has been widely used in coastal Fujian, Beijing, Shanghai and Northwest. Beijing Cheng houses Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the first production of the professional manufacturers of mobile homes. The company has strong research and development capabilities, advanced level of technology and its products are sold in more than a dozen overseas countries, is one of the best enterprise of foreign trade and exports of the domestic activities of the Housing Industry operating results. In the 50th anniversary parade, training space, the Xiaotangshan Emergency Hospital and the Qinghai-Tibet Railway construction of temporary construction housing a large number of applications, its quality of praise.

Abroad combination of light steel structure housing application

Been widely used combination of housing in the United States, Europe, Japan and other places of light steel structure, the professional manufacturer of light steel combination housing, some scale. The French ALGECO France and even Europe's largest sales of light steel structure combination of housing rental companies.

Japan has a lot of housing a professional manufacturer of light steel structure combination, which NAGAIYA company is a professional manufacturer of the box unit system the combination of light steel structure housing production, sales, leasing, is the first in the industry. The Tokai Leasing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of the box unit and the light steel frame support system combination of housing production, sales, leasing, and to enter China in 1988, has set up a company in Fujian, Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Dongguan and other places to invest and build factories.

Japan NAGAWA combination of housing has the following advantages: on-site installation quick and simple 30 minutes, the complex within a day you can install is completed; demolition may relocate; rich new exterior styling shears can meet different customer requirements; earthquakes, wind performance, high strength, good durability. The combination of housing are widely used for the temporary office of the building site, firm, simple warehouses and storage; simple shop for organizing large scale events; for typhoon and earthquake and other disaster relief temporary housing. The high-end combination of housing is widely used in the tourist resort housing, offices, shops.

Regulate the market to ensure housing safety

Light steel structure combination of housing is a pretty big market, but domestic temporary construction market is chaotic, housing good and bad mixed, safety and quality incidents have occurred. Some temporary building in use suddenly collapsed, and some wind, some fires burned, and some collapsed when installing or removing, etc., causing casualties and property losses, and to ensure that the temporary building housing safe use is imminent.

Practical experience at home and abroad that the housing of the light steel structure combination is a promising new technologies and products, but not long application time in our country the lack of design standards and process quality management, reflecting the use : roof leaks, columns, beams and roof trusses and other steel components and processing quality of the installation, corrosion of steel components, fire performance, and so on. These issues and housing design and processing of the light steel structure combination is not standardized to a great relationship.

At present, the need to solve the problem of the design basis and product standards as soon as possible. Light steel structure combination of housing is a temporary building, to design a unified standard "GB50068-2001 provides that the combination of housing design life of five years, in accordance with national standards" Structural Reliability and structure should meet the specified design life of safety, applicable with the provisions of the reliability of the use of durable and other functional requirements in order to ensure the building structure should be carried out the necessary design calculations, also deal with the material properties, quality of construction, use and maintenance of appropriate control. The specific requirements of the control shall comply with the special provisions for the design and construction standards.

China for temporary construction with light steel structure combination of housing, there is no specific standards, regulations and reference atlas. The Beijing Municipal Construction Committee prepared a building construction site temporary housing technical regulations (light steel structure) "DBJ01-98-2005, the China Association for Standardization prepared demountable homes CAS154-2007, these two standards have yet to be perfect, a combination of housing in most of the country is still in a state of temporary buildings are not being taken seriously or no management, collapsed in use by fire, hurricane damage have occurred and some very serious damage to property caused no casualties . Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of domestic use and export, as soon as the light steel structure combination of housing product standards and the standard atlas of the preparation of the Ministry of Construction is necessary.

Should be organized in order to make a combination of light steel structure housing the health of this product development, manufacturers of the following aspects of study: mobile home fire performance, such as the insulation material please switch to fire performance of a good rock wool, etc., for improving the part of the necessary fire performance test; as soon as possible to organize the preparation of light steel structure combination of housing standards, so that the product design, production, installation, use the rules to follow; as soon as possible, organize the compilation of the housing of the light steel structure combination or standard atlas, to regulate the market to ensure quality. The housing products is small and simple without being taken seriously, but any of the vicious competition of its color steel equipment can also cause the loss and eventually be eliminated. The urgent need for learning the basis of foreign advanced technology, combined with the specific situation of China research and development is suitable for different regions, the products of different industries, to improve the standardization of the light steel structure combination of housing, stereotypes and factory levels, to ensure the quality of housing.

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