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Pressure-watt device to maintain an overview of the maintenance and structure

Do not understand the native structure and performance, and operational procedures shall not start the machine. Prohibited to exceed the minimum closed height, sliding on the bottom surface to work on…
Category:News Label:Roll Forming Machine Author:rollformer Date:2012-06-12 11.22.02

C-shaped steel mechanical and electrical control box for illustration

C-shaped steel operating electrical control box for illustration<br />Thank you for using shearing equipment factory, installation instructions Please read the electronic control system. The system …
Category:News Label:C-shape Author:rollformer Date:2012-06-12 11.17.43

Roll forming machine cold color plate molding machine

The 15-225-900 type Roll Forming Machine Technical Parameters 1, equipment installation Dimensions: 6000mm × 1300mm × 1200mm 2 Total weight: about 3500kg 3, the electronic control system: all indust…
Category:News Label:molding machine Author:rollformer Date:2012-06-06 10.07.42

Automobile Frame cold roll forming line

Product Description: 1. Voltage 380V, motor power (with a high-speed fan) 15KW * 2, inverter 15KW * 2, the motor rotation 1400r/min. Center height 1200mm or so can be mounted wheel on the number of 36…
Category:News Label:roll forming line Author:rollformer Date:2012-06-06 09.55.17

Roll forming machine Category Overview

Roll forming machine automation scale production of essential equipment can automatically complete the box, shape, fold the leaves bend under the bottom, and now to complete the next part of the tapin…
Category:News Label:roll forming machinery Author:rollformer Date:2012-06-06 09.41.36

Bending distortions in the production of roll forming machine

Strict enterprise management, strong technical force, and always pursue the "quality of survival, relying on the credibility and development" purposes, in good faith to serve the community, cu…
Category:News Label:roll forming machine Author:rollformer Date:2012-06-02 15.45.57

The difference of the roll forming machine and bending machine

The company is mainly engaged in research and development and production and operation of the roll forming machine, roll forming machines sold throughout the country, high quality and price performanc…
Category:News Label:bending machine Author:rollformer Date:2012-06-02 15.40.22

Maintenance of roll forming machine

We will be quality first, reputation-based, customer first, roll forming machine dedicated service to build brand, improve the business philosophy of roll forming machines. The following Xiaobian take…
Category:News Label:roll forming machine Author:rollformer Date:2012-06-02 15.33.31

Roll Forming Machine Technical Parameters of C-shaped steel

C-shaped steel tile press forming units of a roll can produce various specifications C Purlin finished in a single volume. It mainly consists of passive loading racks, leveling equipment, punching equ…
Category:News Label:C Steel Roll Forming Machine Author:rollformer Date:2012-05-30 13.25.26

Glazed tile roll forming machine characteristics of reviews

With the rise of the color steel industry, color steel glazed tile gradually into the monotony of tile press plate style in the color plate as the substrate by the roller process and molding of the mo…
Category:News Label:Glazed tile roll forming machine Author:rollformer Date:2012-05-30 13.20.39

Different types of roll forming machine

Electronic control system of steel tile pressure of tile equipment to Taiwan and Taiwan the DVP14ES host computer using a text-screen display, easy operation, difficulty of use. High level of automati…
Category:News Label:roll forming machine Author:rollformer Date:2012-05-30 13.15.59

Automatic double-color roll forming machine

Automatic double color plate pressure equipment characteristics: (1) the color plate device using a high level of automatic control software, and production information management. (2) the entire plan…
Category:News Label:roll forming machine Author:rollformer Date:2012-05-30 13.03.56

The focus of the roll forming machine needs at a glance

Roll forming machine needs focus primarily concentrated in large, heavy and other high-end products. In order to meet market demand, China's machine tool business R & D and innovation capacity…
Category:News Label:roll forming machine Author:rollformer Date:2012-05-28 09.27.15

Glazed tile forming machine installation principles

For the installation of the glazed tile forming machine, we need to pay attention to much general to pay attention to the installation of color steel equipment, screw selection. Also in the building s…
Category:News Label:Glazed tile forming machine Author:rollformer Date:2012-05-28 09.13.16

rockwool sandwich panel machine plate

Rock wool color steel plate and its manufacturing process to achieve in the factory automation equipment, rock wool and steel composite as a whole, thus changing the way before rockwool composite plat…
Category:News Label:sandwich panel machine Author:rollformer Date:2012-05-25 11.06.30

Polyurethane color plate production details

Polyurethane sandwich panel consists of two layers of high-quality color steel sandwiched between polyurethane foam. Its surface metal plate color galvanized steel (aluminum, steel or color steel), co…
Category:News Label:Polyurethane Author:rollformer Date:2012-05-25 10.59.28

C Shape Steel Purlin

C & Z Purlin is roll formed by roll forming machine, mainly use hot roll steel and galvanized steel at thickness 1.5mm – 3.0mm. it is featured with better anti bending and straightness, these prod…
Category:News Label:C Shape Steel Purlin Author:rollformer Date:2012-05-23 13.37.51

C Shape Purlin Forming Machine

C or Z shape purline forming machine can produce many sizes of C or Z shape purline. The whole line mainly consists of uncoiler and its base, coil sheet flattening equipment, C or Z shape forming syst…
Category:News Label:C Shape Purlin Forming Machine Author:rollformer Date:2012-05-23 13.33.51

Cold Roll Forming Machine

These Cold Roll Forming Machine products are been delivered to Europe, United States, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Africa etc. countries. We are expanding more cooperation partners all over the worl…
Category:News Label:Cold Roll Forming Machine Author:rollformer Date:2012-05-23 13.12.50

sine wave roof roll forming machine

sine wave roof roll forming machine sine wave roof roll forming machine, adjustable as customers requirment, we offer different requirments roll forming machines. This metal roll forming machine: 1. L…
Category:News Label:wave roof roll forming machine Author:rollformer Date:2012-05-21 11.16.00

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