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Pressure-watt device to maintain an overview of the maintenance and structure

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Roll Forming Machine Maintenance Maintenance and Architectural Overview
Do not understand the native structure and performance, and operational procedures shall not start the machine. Prohibited to exceed the minimum closed height, sliding on the bottom surface to work on each side of the minimum distance of 290 mm ​​require the height of the upper die clamping plus thick crust of the upper and lower plate together with the tile blank thickness, does not allow more than 290 mm​​, and manufacture of molds should this request be designed in order to avoid machine accident. Often observe the height of the slide box, and both sides of the body lubricant. The equipment should always be clean, keep clean, and not to muddy stagnant water.
An overview of the device structure of the tile press
    The tile press by the left and right body, the bottom of the rod at the top of the chassis cover, slide the seat, six-party wheel, pulleys, gears, sheaves institutions, cam mechanism, lubrication pumps, hydraulic system, electric control part composition.
The aircraft on the die stamping process: by the motor pulley to drive the input shaft pinion gear to drive on the shaft, slide the seat up and down movement with the upper die driven by a cam mechanism, to achieve pressure-watt. Translocation of the workbench by the gear set mounted on the shaft ends, the transmission dial pin gear struck the sheave installed in the six-party wheel axis to achieve Indexing is equipped with an on-axis at both ends of each installed on the same axis and to suppress cam conjugate back to the cam, the precise positioning of the positioning rod and the positioning plate to achieve the lower die in the working position. Installed in the left and right sides of the chassis lubrication pumps, machine work through tubing to the rubbing parts of the conveyor lubricants.
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