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C-shaped steel mechanical and electrical control box for illustration

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C-shaped steel operating electrical control box for illustration
Thank you for using shearing equipment factory, installation instructions Please read the electronic control system. The system consists of PLC, HMI (Human Machine Interface) and peripheral switch button and the contact device and other devices, powerful, stable performance, simple operation, the connection diagram see Appendix.


An installation, be sure to cut off the power.

(2) Check the internal wiring of the control cabinet for transportation and other causes of loose terminal.

(3) non-professionals do not arbitrarily modify the internal circuit, to avoid danger.

(4) Be sure to ground the three.

In accordance with the specification requirements.

Installation of wiring

# Machine power for the three fire a zero, three fire then A, B, and C, the zero line then N- C steel motor connected to U, V, W. Flying Saw motor connected, U1, V1, W1,. Pump motor connected, U1, V1, W1,. Side hole washed down solenoid valve then K1, side hole to return to the solenoid valve connected to the K2, hole punch solenoid valve connected to K3, Kong return to the solenoid valve connected K4, saw off the solenoid valve connected K5, saw back to the solenoid valve connected the K6. The common line of the solenoid valve is connected to the zero line. Wiring is complete, the upward moving air switch on the electric box, the whole transmission, observe whether the abnormal odor, if any abnormality should be immediately blackout check after about a minute, if all goes well, the beginning of the test machine. When wiring to have someone care and attention to safety. Equipment connected safety ground.


First, then the limit switch plug, respectively, the implementation of the action of the solenoid valve, adjusting solenoid valve plug it corresponds to the action. And transferred to the mold and tool about the middle position. Plug in the plug of the limit switch, connect the limit switches, limit switches all connected to the normally open contacts. A total of three cables of this plug, corresponding to three sets of actions, each cable has a label, each cable has three wires, generally black or yellow is the common line. Available can not distinguish which one touching the other two lines, while observing the work status of the PLC input indicator, and the other two lines collide can be lit is the common line of the indicator light to a single number indicator ceiling light dual indicator is the lower limit. The indicator light 12, 13, No.-hole limit, the light indicator 14, 15, No. is the limit of the side hole, lit 16, 17, No. Indicator is a tool limit. Hand along strike board the direction of rotation counter, remember to increase the value normal, if the diminishing response to adjust the PLC X0, X1 input line.

Key Description

      ESC current length cleared key; the ALM trees, the number of cleared key; ▼ picture down; ▲ screen turn key; SET data to modify the selection keys; the ENT data confirm the key; CLR data clear key; 0 - 9 digital direct elections key . Manually perform a variety of debugging actions.

Operating instructions
Manual: boot screen manually, in accordance with the instructions on the screen number keys manually when operating mold and tool actions, all actions are to move the press the button to perform the corresponding action, action to stop when you leave. And appropriate action to stop the corresponding limit for

Press ▼ or ▲ key to the parameter setting screen first, to confirm the saw cut to the correct mode and the length of the side mode, the deceleration distance is generally 200mm, and should be adjusted according to actual situation, as long as we can to ensure that mold action before the host can slow down slow running to about 50mm. Press the ▼ or ▲ key to the production screen production task profiles of the total length and number of current production is the single profiles out of the saw cut length and the number of completed Press ▼ or ▲ key to the side hole setup screen and in the hole to set the screen, this equipment can also produce up to 12 side hole and 12 hole, respectively, for the length of the profiles of the first end to the hole center.

Automatic operation

       Case 1: When the "first end to the hole length is less than the saw cut in the mold from the first end to side hole length" less than "saw cut the distance to the side mode to the first C-shaped steel go to the mode, all data is set up, go to the manual screen, and then click 0 (Qi head key), then the current yield will be the data show, do not be cleared. Press the 'flying saw to start', 'pump start', '(automatic start) button'. Machine to stop work, Qi head. And then press the 'auto start' button, the machine formal job. Intermediate stop (stop

       Case 2: When the first end to hole length is greater than "saw cut to the distance in the mold" and "the length of the first end to side hole" greater than "saw cut to the distance of the side mode" or punching, direct C-shaped steel out of the saw cut, start pressing the 'flying saw', 'pump start', has been holding down the '3 (amputated) 'button C steel cut Qi head, and then hold the '6 (flying saw returns) 'button, flying saw returned to the upper limit bit. All data is set up, and then press the 'start' button, the machine formal job automatically.

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