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Roll Forming Machine
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Roll forming machine Category Overview

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Roll forming machine automation scale production of essential equipment can automatically complete the box, shape, fold the leaves bend under the bottom, and now to complete the next part of the taping, the quartet built a cardboard box board to open the box at the bottom by a certainprogram equivalent, and sealed with tape and are conveyed to the packing machine. Has the following two types:
    Two types of extrusion roll forming machine is divided into the extruder and calender.
    The extruder used to extrude tread, inner tube, hose and all kinds of rubber strips, but also for covering the cable and wire products, common screw extruder. How it works: With rubber extrusion screw placed on the role of mixing in the machine barrel, mixed plastics and pressed, and then move to the carriage direction, finally squeezed out from the mouth to shape products, snails rod extrusion machine is divided into two kinds of hot feed and cold feed, the former feeding the open rubber mixing machine warm-up material, the latter feeding of the compound after thermal refining.
    The calender is mainly used for the curtain canvas towel rubber eraser, rubber lamination, towel co-pressure type and embossed. The main components of the calender rollers, the number of rollers usually in more than three. A certain temperature and plastic rubber feeding opposite the rotation of the roller gap in the friction force by a strong extrusion and extension, the formation of the desired product in order to obtain a uniform thickness of the rolled products, new calender general are equipped with roller deflection compensation device, and some also equipped with the thickness controlled by an electronic computer to automatically adjust the system.
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