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rockwool sandwich panel machine plate

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About rockwool color steel plate
Rock wool color steel plate and its manufacturing process to achieve in the factory automation equipment, rock wool and steel composite as a whole, thus changing the way before rockwool composite plate required at the scene in building insulation, sound insulation , fire and other requirements under the premise, but also achieve a high quality, efficient, reliable, safe target. The products in Europe through a wide range of applications, sophisticated. Rock wool color steel
1 Advantages
1, fire performance, good thermal insulation, heat insulation sound absorption significantly. Rock wool sandwich panels give full play to the unique properties of the rock wool core material, in terms of fire protection, thermal insulation, sound absorption, sound insulation has a significant effect. 1, fire performance: rock wool sandwich panel used raw materials, production technology and formula, it has a good fire performance. The tests showed that it has more than 1000 ° C refractory. Rock wool sandwich panel by the Italian authority testing organization GLOROANO SPA test, in accordance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), British BS and German DIN standards, rock wool sandwich panel to meet fire safety standards M.I14/09/61 letter No. 91 requirements and DM30/11/83. The results are as follows: 1) 50mm thick rock wool sandwich panel RE130 80mm thick rock wool sandwich panel REL60 100mm thick rock wool sandwich panel and the REL 120) thermal insulation: the insulation properties of the rock wool sandwich panel thermal conductivity of the rock wool = 0.043W / m² K, to compute the parameters corresponding proportion of the thickness of rock wool core material. 3) the sound-absorbing insulation effect significant: sound: rock wool sandwich panels for noise transfer a significant role in mitigation, especially for the specified flight through. In addition, the use of rock wool roof, rain, hail on the roof of the building steel impact caused by indoor sound, but also significantly reduced. Pass the test, in accordance with ISO 717/82 and UNI 8270/7 standard, the choice of a density of 120kg / m³ mineral wool as core material of sandwich panels, sound insulation effect can be achieved RW = 29-30 dB, sound-absorbing: rock wool sandwich panel also has excellent suction effect, it absorbs the sound within a relatively wide frequency range. In accordance with the ISO 35/85 standard, rock wool sandwich panel sound-absorbing performance level of the DELTA LA = 15.7dB (A) ..
2 Disadvantages
Strong enough.
Rock wool color steel plate characteristics
Stiffness: rock wool core material with two layers of steel bonded as a whole, work together, plus the roof surface from the wave-pressure, its overall rigidity is far superior to the pressure plate folder with rock wool (glass cotton) on-site plastic composites. Sandwich panels by fittings and purlins fixed, greatly improving the overall stiffness of the roof, and to strengthen the roof of the overall work performance. Choice of rock wool sandwich panel can be used from the larger purlin purlin consumption can be saved 1/3 to 2/3.2, buckle then reasonable way: rock wool roof with Snap connection, to avoid leakage of the roof seams risks, save the amount of parts. 3, fixed firmly reasonable: rock wool roof with specially designed M6 self-tapping screws and purlins fixed, can effectively resist typhoons, and other external force. Self-tapping screws set in the roof on the surface of the peak position, and using a special waterproof construction, the avoid waterproof weak point. 4, short installation cycle: rock wool sandwich panel, due to the site without secondary processing, not only to keep the surroundings clean and tidy, does not affect the normal conduct of other processes, but also greatly shorten the installation cycle of the plate, rock wool sandwich panel average installed area of ​​600 to 800 square meters. 5, anti-scratch protection: rock wool sandwich panel production in the surface paste polyethylene self-adhesive protective film, in order to avoid transportation and installation process steel surface coating is scratched or wear.
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